Happy Customers :-) !

"This is a fantastic app."
- W.D.

"I absolutely love this product. I can't tell you how long I've been looking for this. I've been using Windows for about 4 years, and to this day I still fight with Explorer. I have told tons of people about this product."
- M.R.

"I am very pleased that at least some people recognized the importance of a good file manager."
- J.S.

"I must repeat how fast, stable and useful this application is. Thanks for the great work."
- P.H.

"WinBrowser is just about the best thing since sliced bread."
- M.M.

"I love WinBrowser."
- D.S.

"Now that I have it installed, I must say WOW!"
- J.F.

"WinBrowser is the best Windows Explorer replacement!!!"
- A.P.

"This is a great tool for...Windows."
- E.P

"I have been using WinBrowser on Windows with great pleasure during the last months."
- J.S.

"It's great to see how easy it is to navigate through the hard drive's hierarchy, having the history present in the scroller.  This scroller is the best way I've ever seen in file management to navigate through your history and to find out where you are at the moment.   Bookmarking files on several shelves is another great idea for managing most recently used files and folders. In my opinion these two features make the power of WinBrowser."
- D.E.

"Very nice! As a long-time unix/next user forced to use this ghastly parody of an operating system, this just about keeps me sane."
- T.B.

"I *love* WinBrowser...it's fantastic!"
- C.T.

"WinBrowser is a nice tool."
- S.J.

"Thank you! I use both pc and mac and I've been searching forever for something like [this] for pc!"
- A.W.

"Thank you for a very good product!"
- C.J.

"I like WinBrowser a lot."
- D.M.

"I have [been] evaluating your WinBrowser program and I am impressed."
- R.E.

"I have found the WinBrowser program very useful."
- M.B.

"I like the design (I've been serching for [this] style file browser for the PC for a while)."
- C.T.

"WinBrowser RULES!"
- M.M.

"I really like WinBrowser!!"
- C.J.

"The font selection supports the Japanese character set well, nice job."
- J.E.

"WinBrowser: just what I have been looking for!"
- G.C.

"At last, something usable on Windows."
- A.L.

"Nice job integrating Windows filesystem components with this FileViewer."
- E.S.

"Recently have been using Windows, and I am sure glad you guys are doing WinBrowser!"
- A.L.

"I just bought WinBrowser. ...I love it." - B.E.

"This is great!"
- A.V.

"Love the product. This actually makes Windows somewhat usable. :)"
- E.P.

"I love WinBrowser's functionality."
- J.K.

"It's very useful."
- C.L.

"I have been so happy using the Browser. It is the closest thing to using my old NeXT machines in the Windows environment I've ever seen developed."
- P.H.

"Great product! ...I finally feel like I can browse a file system normally again!"
- J.M.